Slutty Angel
Name: Lady Arcorna
Age: Ooold ;-)
Hair: Black, curly, lots
Likes: Ice cream, alcohol and cigarettes
Dislikes: Homophobia, racism, war
Pets: An old, bitter cat ...
Hobbies: Sleeping, writing, webdesign, reading, watching movies, acting ...
Favorite Classes: English, Arts, Biology and Social Science ... foget about the rest
Quote of the Day: This is what I said when I was on one of my infamous strikes, using a fake Scottish accent: "YOU MAY TAKE MY LIFE, BUT YOU WILL NEVER TAKE MY FREEDOM!!!"

AIM: VillesLoverGirl

Lost in Dreams
Saturday, June 12, 2004

My Name: Lady Arcorna for you, stranger; Arc for my friends

DOB: 12/30

POB: Munich-Pasing, Germany, Europe, World

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black, curly

Height: 5'7''


Personal Heroes: Cato, the Older; Mother Teresa; John Lennon

Favorite Color (s): Pale lavender, black, deep purple

Favorite Cigarettes: West

Favorite Beer: Foster's, Guiness

Favorite Wine: Red, dry, Italian

Favorite other Drinks: Vodka-Redbull, ice tea, water

Favorite Food: Lasagna, Pizza

Last CD I bought: "Sleeping with Ghosts" - Placebo

My Personal Top Ten:

1. How many roads (Bob Dylan)

2. Behind blue Eyes (The Who)

3. Puff the magic Dragon (Peter, Paul and Mary)

4. Iris (Googoo Dolls)

5. Entre dos Tierras (Heroes del Silencio)

6. Your Winter (Sister Hazel)

7. Vivo per lei (Andrea Boccelli)

8. Hearts of olden Glory (Runrig)

9. Sicut Locutus Est (Bach)

10. Suscepit Israel (Bach)

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